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21-12-2022 16:46
IVEM Introduction IVEM stands for Institute of Vietnam E-mobility

Electric car began in the mid 19 century. First known electric locomotive was built in 1837 by Robert Davidson. Rechargeable batteries were invented in 1859. At the moment we are at the industry 4.0 with autonomous machine, advanced robotics, smart factory, etc. Moover, in the global scale, 2019 was the second warmest year on record. Thus, The Paris Agreement (2015) helps countries deal with climate change by new tech and build framework. E-mobility is new method for the green future. Its concept is using electric powertrain technologies in-vehicle, shifting vehicle design away from the use of fossil fuels and carbon gas emissions.

E-mobility can be classified into several types including: Electric Car, Electric Motorbike, Agricultural and special purpose electric vehicle, Electric bike, Personal Mobility.

Institute of Vietnam E-mobility is estabnished to train young engineer in the related field to e-mobility industry for the future of green country.

PCN Vina is the third party organization help support to arrange joint collaboratuon between Vietnam engineering universities with foreign universities in Korea and Brazil to train Master and Doctor degree in battery related major such as chemistry, electricity and mechanics.

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