23-12-2022 17:09

Saving the earth, adapt to climate change, E-mobility industry is the global trend to every country now. With the rapidly progressing of technology, innovations in mobility to electric helps change society experience and continue save our climate.

Thus, Institute of Vietnam E-mobility is established with the aim to Help Vietnam become the leading country in developing e-mobility industry with the perspective to train young talent engineers in e-mobility field. At the moment, considering potential and finance capability of every countries, the number of capable country is limited. If Vietnam develops human resource on researching, it could be able to develop the capability of self manufacturing and developing product; and even compete with China. E-mobility industry could also help creat stable jobs for engineers and young talent human resources and become a neutral carbon country with sustainable development.

Focus on the development of Vietnam, we look forward to support young engineers and cooperate with many universities in exchange technology.

Tin Liên Quan

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